Quick Review – Sophomore Switch – Abby McDonald

Sophomore SwitchSophomore Switch by Abby McDonald

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

YA, I know. But it was a little thin on characterization for me. A lot of description of Oxford and Santa Barbara, but not enough about the women who were (theoretically) experiencing profound change in their lives, or the idea of feminism narrowing choices rather than expanding them.

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Our Short Lived Political Cartoon Career

In 2006, DH and I were having fun writing and drawing our own political cartoons. Oldies but goodies.




Alito Ascends


Judiciary not Papacy


Harry Potter 24 Mashup

Quick Review – One Final Step – Stephanie Doyle

One Final Step (Tyler Group, #1)One Final Step by Stephanie Doyle

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I love the premise, quite fascinating – Monica Lewinsky (like character) meets ex-con (with issues) made good. I wasn’t a fan of the hero (too Alpha male has to have heroine no matter how many times she says no), or the heroine (who always said no). But if you want interesting and different squeezed into a Harlequin category romance – then, I’d say this is for you.

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Win a $10 gift card

Finding JordieAuthor HJ Harley is offering a autographed copy of her debut novel, Finding Jordie, as well as a $10 giftcard to the bookstore of the winner’s choice (Amazon or B&N).

C’mon over to TheKeeperShelf and check it out for yourself.


Quick Review – Just One Evil Act – Elizabeth George

Just One Evil Act (Inspector Lynley, #18)Just One Evil Act by Elizabeth George

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book. Loved it. As in missed sleep for three nights, ignored my child, and my dog went hungry. I’ve been reading Lynley mysteries for years, and unlike a lot of other readers, think they’re getting better and better.

The plotting, is edge of your seat plotting. There wasn’t a moment when I didn’t want to know what in the heck Barbara Havers was going to do. She had the police, the press, her friends, and circumstances pulling her in every direction. I find her character compelling and her solutions to her problems fascinating.

There are many who feel George has hit series fatigue, I’m just the opposite. I think she’s in her stride and I can’t wait to read the next book. I think the turn for me was Deception on His Mind. That book (in addition to making me fall in love with Hadiyya), really connected me to Havers. This was also one of the first books to get away from Lynley and the St. James’ who on their own can be quite boring.

Then George really hit her stride with What Came Before He Shot Her. To date, I still feel that’s her best book until this one. I read her paranormal YA, the Edge of Nowhere and didn’t think it served her writing talents. Nor did Believing the Lie which started great, but the book ended after the story was over.

This book brings it back. Can’t wait for the next installment.

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