Quick Review Crash Into Me – Jill Sorenson

I got Crash into Me from paperbackwap.com on the recommendation of Dear Author reviewer Jane whose taste is usally pretty good.  I carried this book with me for days, and struggled to finish it.  Thank goodness it was free.  I finally finished this weekend while having a pedicure in Studio City.  Two other women were reading in the nail shop, and I tried not to covet their interest in their own books as I people watched, and clock watched, and traffic watched.

Some books can cross genres without missing a beat.  This is not one of them.  It tried to hard to be both a suspenseful mystery and a romance, but both were only lukewarm.  Many reviewers seemed to be swept away by the descriptions of sunny Southern California.  Living in sunny SoCal, that kind of description is not enough to transport me to another world.  And this book, certainly didn’t.

One thought on “Quick Review Crash Into Me – Jill Sorenson

  1. Jane says:

    I live in the cold Midwest so I wonder if my location might have had some influence on my appreciation of the book. Sorry it didn’t work for you. If you like Romantic Suspense, you might try out Bad Girl by Michelle Jaffe. It’s my fave RS ever but be warned, it’s very gruesome.

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