Quick Review – The Money Man’s Seduction – Leslie LaFoy

I haven’t read a Silhouette Dessire, since, well, they were a separate publishing company from Harlequin.  Back when they had silver or purplish covers and well, better titles.  Upon the advice of Ja(y)ne at Dear Author  (I’ve got to get real friends), I added this to my last Amazon purchase (got to get that free shipping, right?).

In addition to avoiding the homoginzation of Harlequin, I stopped reading Desires because there wasn’t much story that could be developed in 50,000 words.  No side characters, no conflict, and only so-so hotness.  I broke the dry spell last night, and I’m done this morning.  It was certainly quick.  It’s not something I’d recommend for a flight longer than L.A. to S.F.  Anyway, the book.

The Money Man’s Seduction was fine, adequate, passed the time.  It did not, unfortunately, contain those elements that I look for in a romance, like conflict and character chemistry.  This read a lot like a story your mom would tell you about how she met your dad.  Trust me, it’ll be out the door tomorrow, forgotten.  I wanted it to be more, but it may not be the author, or the book, or the line, but just my frustration with romance.  Now about those titles . . . .

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